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February 07 2024 – Lottie & Lysh

Paperplanes new baby swaddle blanket with matching hat
Paperplanes new baby swaddle blanket with matching hat

Everything a New Mum Needs (And a Little Bit More)

Congratulations, soon-to-be mums! As you approach the final stretch (pun intended) of pregnancy, it's time to think about packing that all-important hospital bag. It's like preparing for the most significant trip of your life, but instead of packing for tropical weather or European adventures, you're preparing for the beautiful, messy, and utterly life-changing journey of childbirth.

Packing your hospital bag can feel a bit like preparing for a mystery vacation. You might have heard tales from the front lines about what you'll need, but every experience is as unique as your little one waiting to say hello. Fear not! We've compiled a comprehensive checklist, sprinkled with heaps of practicality, to ensure you're as ready as one can be for the big day. And yes, we'll sneak in a mention or two of our ethical baby clothing line—because who says your newborn can't be both comfy and environmentally conscious from day one?

For Mum: The Essentials

  1. Important Documents - ID, insurance info, hospital paperwork, and birth plan (if you have one). Think of it as the VIP pass to your own exclusive event.

  2. Comfortable Clothing - Include a dressing gown or easy-to-wear robe/slip that won't skimp on comfort. After the marathon of birth, you'll want to slip into something that feels like a warm hug.

  3. Toiletries - Pack travel-sized versions of your favourite products. Labour is a workout, and a refreshing shower afterward can be just the ticket to feeling semi-human again. We are loving this Pre-packed Labour Bag available on Amazon.

  4. Snacks and Drinks - Hospitals do feed you, but having your favourite snacks on hand can be a game-changer during and after labour. Think energy bars, dried fruit, or anything that can give you a quick boost.

  5. Entertainment - Labour can be a waiting game. Bring books, magazines, or download movies and playlists to keep you entertained and relaxed.

  6. Charging Cables - Because the last thing you want is a dead phone when it's time to announce your little one's arrival to the world.

For Baby: The Welcome Kit

  1. Going-Home Outfit - This is your baby's first fashion statement! Our ethical baby clothing line offers the perfect coming-home outfits that are not only adorable but also made with sustainable practices.

  2. Blankets and Swaddles - Hospitals typically provide these, but bringing one from home can add a personal touch and comfort to your baby's first days. Again we have you covered. We can make a swaddle blanket in absolutely any of our jersey prints so don't be afraid to ask!

  3. Nappys and Wipes - While hospitals usually supply these, having extra on hand is always a good idea. 

  4. Car Seat - Technically, this doesn't go in the bag, but it's a must-have for safely transporting your newest family member home. Make sure it's properly installed ahead of time! Check out this handy guide for choosing the best carseat for your newborn.

For Partner: Don't Forget the Support Crew

  1. Snacks and Water - Keeping energy up is crucial, especially if it's a long labour.

  2. Change of Clothes - Because being comfortable is key for everyone involved.

  3. Entertainment - Pack books, games, or anything to help pass the time and keep spirits high.

  4. List of Contacts - For spreading the good news once your bundle of joy arrives.

A Few Extra Tips

  • Pack Early - Aim to have your bag ready to go by 35 weeks. It's better to look at it and chuckle for a few weeks than to scramble at the last minute.
  • Keep It Light - Remember, you're going to a hospital, not moving in. A well-packed bag is a sanity saver.
  • Double-Check Hospital Policies - Some items might be provided, so save room in your bag by knowing what's already available.

In Conclusion

Packing your hospital bag is like setting the stage for one of the most memorable performances of your life. It's about preparing for comfort, convenience, and that special moment when you meet your baby for the first time. While our ethical baby clothing line offers the perfect ensemble for your newborn's debut, remember, the most important thing you'll bring to the hospital is your incredible strength and love.

Now that you're armed with the ultimate hospital bag checklist, we'd love to hear from you! What are your must-have items? Did we miss anything crucial? Share your thoughts, tips, or just drop us a note to say hello. Who knows? Your insights might just be the comfort another mum-to-be needs to read today. Share this post and let's keep the conversation (and the love) flowing.


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