New Year's Resolutions for Parents: A Light-hearted Guide to Surviving & Thriving

December 28 2023 – Lottie & Lysh

Ain't no hood like motherhood printed tote bag with leopard print detail
Ain't no hood like motherhood printed tote bag with leopard print detail


Ah, New Year's resolutions – those well-intentioned, often short-lived promises we make to ourselves as the clock strikes midnight and we're feeling optimistic (or is that the champagne talking?). For us parents, resolutions can be a bit more, well, "interesting." After all, we're not just thinking about our own aspirations, but also about our kids, our family life, and how to juggle it all without dropping the ball (or a child). So, let's dive into some New Year's resolutions for Mums and Dads, sprinkled with a dash of humour because, let’s face it, we need it if we are going to make it out alive! Let's go!


New Years Resolution #1: Embrace the Chaos

Let's start by acknowledging that parenting is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos – it’s messy, doesn’t always make sense, but still, it's oddly enjoyable. This year, let’s resolve to embrace the chaos. Forget picture-perfect homes; if your living room doesn’t look like a scene from a toy explosion at least once a week, are you even parenting? 


Resolution #2: Master the Art of "Selective Hearing"

Kids have an uncanny ability to ask a million questions, often at the least opportune moments (like when you’re on an important call, or, you know, trying to use the bathroom in peace). This year, let's perfect our selective hearing skills. Not every "Muuuum!" requires immediate attention, especially if it's the tenth time they've called you in the past hour. Aside from that, kids are louuuuuuud! Let's resolve to let them be just that for a little while longer. They have all the time in the world to be quiet adults. This year lets decide to let them be little, even if that means you have to invest in quality earplugs and master deep breathing to make it through the myriad of aeroplane noises a 3 year old can conjure up.

Resolution #3: Become a Time Management Ninja

As a parent, you quickly realise that time is a mythical concept. You’re constantly running at a million miles an hour, yet somehow always late. This year, let's aim to become time management ninjas. Pro tip: setting your clocks ten minutes fast doesn’t actually create more time, but it might help you trick yourself into being on time (sometimes).

Resolution #4: Practice the Art of Saying "No"

Between cake sales, after school hobbies, playdates, and volunteering at school, it's easy to overcommit. This year, let’s practice the fine art of saying "no." Remember, declining an invite to yet another kiddie birthday party doesn't make you a bad parent; it makes you a sane one. 


Resolution #5: Prioritise Self-Care (Seriously This Time)

Every year, we say we'll do it, and every year it gets lost in the chaos of parenting. But this is the year we really commit to self-care. And no, hiding in the bathroom with a bar of chocolate doesn’t count (though it’s a good start). Let’s aim for something more rejuvenating, like reading a book that doesn’t rhyme or have pictures, taking up meditation or setting time aside for a solo stroll.


Resolution #6: Embrace Imperfect Parenting

Perfection is overrated (and frankly, impossible). This year, let's embrace imperfect parenting. Burnt cookies? They’re just extra crispy. Forgot it’s pyjama day at school? It’s a new fashion trend. Let’s own our parenting faux pas with pride. There is a not a single parent who has all their parenting ducks in a line, and if it looks like they do you can bet your bottom dollar something else is falling apart as quickly as your last-minute attempt at building a cereal box volcano. 2024 is the year to embrace our imperfections, and everyone else's


Resolution #7: Learn Something New from Your Kids

Kids are like little sponges, constantly learning and growing. This year, let’s turn the tables and learn something new from them. Be it Minecraft, TikTok dances, or the latest slang, let’s dive in. Who knows, you might find yourself actually saying "Yeet" unironically (but let’s hope not).


Resolution #8: Reduce Screen Time (But Keep the Sanity Apps)

We all know too much screen time isn’t great, but let’s be real – sometimes it’s the only thing keeping us sane. This year, let’s try to reduce screen time, but let's keep those "sanity apps" (you know, the ones that magically calm a tantrum in public places). It’s all about balance!


Resolution #9: Improve Your Health (But Don’t Ditch the Wine)

Improving health is a common resolution, but let’s tailor it for us parents. Yes, let’s try to eat more greens and exercise, but let's also be realistic. The day you successfully get your toddler to eat broccoli without a meltdown, you’ve earned that glass of wine.


Resolution #10: Find Humour in Every Day

Parenting is a rollercoaster of emotions, but there’s always room for a good laugh. This year, let’s find humour in the everyday madness of parenting. When you find your phone in the fridge or catch yourself singing kids’ TV show songs in the shower, just laugh. It’s better than crying!


As we embark on this new year, let's remember that resolutions are not about setting unattainable goals; they're about striving to be better, happier, and maybe a tad more organised (or at least pretending to be). So, here’s to a year of embracing the chaos, laughing at the mess, and remembering that in the world of parenting, imperfection is the new perfection. Happy New Year, fellow mums and dads! Let’s make it a good one, with or without the resolutions. 🎉


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