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Lottie & Lysh create unique and trendy clothes for children and babies.

Using the very best fabrics and designs that look great and are made to last, we've created a range of kids clothing that will not only make your little people stand out from the crowd, but is also kind to the environment and your baby's skin.

Nestled on the coast of Cornwall, UK, Lottie & Lysh was 'born' in the Spring of 2015 at my dining room table. After a long struggle to find comfortable trousers for my son which did not irritate his eczema, and my increasing frustration at the wide availability of girly leggings (which aside from the pink and flowers, were perfect!) I set about making him some myself. I located skin-friendly Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified organic fabrics and made dozens of pairs for him; it was such a relief to see him free from the pain of wearing denim, and no longer constantly irritated by the fluffy inside of jogging bottoms; plus I loved that handmade clothing could be tweaked for a fit and style to suit. It didn't take long before my friends were requesting handmade baby and toddler leggings for their little people too. 

Lottie & lysh rersible baby jacket

Next up I wanted to tackle his coat. He hated bulky clothing, and despised zips rubbing on his already sore neck and chin. The very first Retro Bikes Charlie Jacket was bought to life one sunny Spring evening and we haven't looked back. This fully reversible baby jacket has enclosed seams and put an end to the patches of irritation we saw under his arms and chin.... Charlie Jackets have remained one of L&L's staple pieces over the years.
And then came the request that would change it all... A friend of mine asked for a bunny jacket... I got to work creating a jacket with cute bunny ears for her little girl and when I posted it online it absolutely blew up! I think that original jacket is still in circulation somewhere; it's definitely served at least 3 of her children. There have been some very minor tweaks to the pattern over the years but the basic design has always remained the same. Our handmade bunny jackets are available all year round in a wide choice of prints and complimenting plains. You can even design your own! 
With a focus on ethical production and sustainability we really wanted to create something that helped combat the immense amount of waste created by the fast-fashion industry; especially within the children's sector. Our fabrics are produced using environmentally friendly printing techniques by a small, family-run print-house. 

Fast forward nine years and L&L has grown to include a team of wonderful ladies who I am proud to call my friends. Extremely talented, hard-working with an amazing sense of humour, Lottie & Lysh is what it is today because of the team behind it. 

Brand transparency is important to us at Lottie & Lysh and where possible, keeping production in-house is at the forefront of our aims. All our toddler and baby leggings, shorts, rompers, dresses, jackets, skirts and accessories are handmade by us with the utmost care and attention to finish and quality bringing you an eye-catching, ethically handmade clothing range for babies and children (and now adults too!). Our L&L kids and adult's slogan t-shirts and sweatshirts are sourced via WRAP Associated, FairLabor accredited, vegan  manufacturers and printed in-house with bio degradable techniques (please view individual product descriptions for information regarding the garments origin). 

Handmade baby leggings by Lottie & Lysh

We can work with you to locate specific fabrics or create pieces with tailored size requirements. You can contact us using the 'CONTACT US' tab or find us on Facebook to request alterations.

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Come along and join in the fun in our Facebook Members Group! With over 7000 wonderfully engaged members the group is a fantastic community of like-minded individuals who have come together over their love for all things L&L. Join the group and you will gain access to members only exclusive fabrics, giveaways, discount codes and learn how to use the members group customisation section of the website to custom design your very own Lottie & Lysh masterpiece. The ability to design your own children's clothing with L&L brings you a brand new way to shop with endless possibilities to add shoulder frills, bum ruffles, pockets and hoods whilst mashing up our fabric choices to create the perfect outfit your children. You can join the group here or search Lottie & Lysh Members Group on Facebook.

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