The Lion Noir Showerproof Splasher Jacket

June 11 2018 – Lottie & Lysh

Lottie & Lysh Lion Noir waterproof rain jacket for children and babies
Lottie & Lysh Lion Noir waterproof rain jacket for children and babies

After an awful lot of discussion, research, sourcing, crying, stressing and celebration the Lion Noir Splasher Jacket is finally here! 

The Lion Noir print took over a year to develop and is exclusive to us here at Lottie & Lysh. Painstakingly hand drawn there were numerous drafts in the run up to it's release whilst we accumulated the valuable feedback of our brand reps and members of our Facebook Members Group. Alongside Aztec Lion Lion Noir quickly became our fastest selling print and remains our top seller to this day one year on - so it was only a matter of time (and some nagging from our reps) that it should be introduced as a waterproof fabric perfectly suited to our Splasher Jacket range. 

Printed in England the fabric itself is incredibly soft to the touch. You won't believe it is waterproof, we didn't either - until we ran it under the tap! Water slides off with no trouble at all. It is flexible, warm and weatherproof and quite simply our favourite item in our range at the moment. 

With a choice of fleece colours you can create the perfect rain jacket for babies and children aged six months to six years... And of course it is the perfect partner to our range of leggings.

waterproof lion noir raincoat handmade by lottie & lysh in the UK


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