Why are baby leggings so popular?

January 31 2022 – Charlotte Stokes

Lottie & Lysh penguin leggings
Lottie & Lysh penguin leggings

Why are baby leggings just so popular?

Our baby leggings remain the top seller in our online store. But why have they become so popular for both boys and girls? The best baby leggings are ones that are soft, stretchy, comfortable, and stay in place. Our leggings are made with high-quality jersey fabrics, in bright and eye-catching designs. Young babies are developing at speed with their physical abilities seeming to improve by the minute! Baby leggings provide the perfect coverage for little legs with zero restrictions or irritation from hard seams or stiff, rigid fabrics such as denim. Allowing them complete freedom to explore their world and thrive.

The stretchy fabric of leggings provides an amazing long-lasting fit with many pairs lasting way beyond the age range depicted on the label. Here at Lottie & Lysh we make our leggings just a smidge longer for that all important growing room. The reversible cuffs allow the leg length to be reduced and extended as your little explorers grow. This fashionable alternative to traditional trousers are also a great insulating layer when out and about and are always a hit when baby wearing.

Once your little people move on to the toileting stage baby leggings yet again make a great choice allowing children to develop their self care skills without the hinderance of buttons or zips. Not to mention it is super easy to pack 2 or 3 pairs of spare leggings in a bag without taking up much space at all.

All in all leggings are a great choice for babies through to toddlers, even right up to big kids. It's been amazing to watch more and more boys donning leggings over the years! That level of comfort is most certainly for everyone. We hope you love the range of prints we offer at Lottie & Lysh, and don't forget our leggings are now available up to 9-10 years.

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