7 Fellow Ethical & Sustainable Baby Brands

September 25 2023 – Lottie & Lysh

Frugi hotchpotch pjs
Frugi hotchpotch pjs

Doing our bit for the planet is a no-brainer; we all want to pass on a flourishing environment to the little ones. The heartening update? A slew of green baby brands are sprouting up, joined by retail giants like Next, who are tuning into the eco-conscious chorus. Parents are on the hunt for products that cut down on plastic, waste less, and tread lightly on Mother Earth.

From planet-friendly pint-sized attire to disposable nappy alternatives, we’ve rounded up 7 eco-stars in the baby and toddler brand galaxy for you.


1) Newbie - The Swedish Sensation!


Ah, Newbie, our Swedish sensation making delightful threads for the kids aged 0-8 years. Not only are they setting the runway on fire but they’re also ensuring our pockets aren’t burning with their affordable pricing. Fashioned from 100% organic cotton or recycled wonders, Newbie is championing children’s sustainable fashion. And did we mention, the style is timeless with a dash of modern spice!

2) Little Green Radicals - Quirkiness Galore!

Hailing from London, Little Green Radicals isn’t just another brand, it’s a quirk fest founded in 2005. With a heart full of fair trade passion this brand was one of the first UK labels to bag the Fairtrade certification for cotton. Expect a bevvy of creative and whimsical designs with top-notch quality.

3) SMALLS - The Woolly Wonder!

Here’s to SMALLS, the UK brand believing in the woolly wonders of merino! Crafted by two Kiwi pals, this range is all about keeping the little ones cosy and comfy, thanks to the magical merino wool that’s warm when it’s chilly and cool when it’s sunny!

4) Frugi - The Organic Overachiever!

Meet Frugi, the British kid on the block making all things organic! With clothes spun from 90% organic cotton, they’re the ethical wizard we all need. Plus, they’re wrapping up their goodness in biodegradable packages and sharing the love with charities. What's more, you'll find their new shop right next to us here at Lottie & Lysh. Even more excuse to pop up for a browse. 

5) Toby Tiger - The Vibrant Virtuoso!

Say hello to Toby Tiger, the British brand colouring outside the lines with their vibrant and ethical creations. Steering clear of ‘fast fashion’, they focus on crafting garments that last, with 80% GOTS-certified organic cotton. 


6) Piccalilly - Creative Cuteness Overload!

Piccalilly, the creative hub for baby and kidswear, creates organic delights for newborns up to 10 years. Their designs are a hit with the little ones. And the cherry on top? It’s all affordably priced!


7) Tots Bots - The Nappy Geniuses!

Created by the British dynamic duo, Magnus and Fiona, in 2003, Tots Bots is all about eco-friendly and high-performing cloth nappies. With a love for fabrics and babies, expect a rainbow of comfortable, absorbent, and environmentally-friendly nappies.

With so many choices available on todays market it has never been so easy to shop sustainably and ethically for your little ones.

Set them up to preserve their future and start shipping sustainably today.


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