Dressing a Fussy Baby: Tips and Tricks for Stress-Free Mornings

September 13 2023 – Lottie & Lysh

Lottie & Lysh purple moster dungarees
Lottie & Lysh purple moster dungarees

Parenting comes with its fair share of challenges, and one task that often leaves parents feeling a little frazzled is dressing a fussy baby. Those morning meltdowns over a seemingly innocent outfit can turn any day on its head. If you find yourself facing this daily battle, fret not! We've compiled a list of tried-and-true tips and tricks to make dressing your fussy baby a smoother and more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Understanding Your Fussy Baby

Before diving into the practical tips, it's essential to understand why some babies resist getting dressed. Babies are sensory beings, and they might be sensitive to changes in temperature, textures, or simply the disruption of a nappy change. It's crucial to empathise with your baby's discomfort and try to make the dressing process as gentle and comforting as possible.


1. Choose the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to dressing a fussy baby. Try to pick a moment when your baby is well-rested and content. After a nap or a feeding is often ideal, as they're more likely to be in a good mood.


2. Gather Everything You Need

Before you begin, ensure you have everything you need within arm's reach. Lay out the clean nappy, baby lotion, clothing items, and any accessories you plan to put on your baby. This minimises the time your baby spends unclothed and unhappy.


3. Opt for Comfortable Clothing

Select soft, comfortable clothing made from breathable materials like cotton jersey. Scratchy or tight outfits can exacerbate your baby's fussiness. Keep in mind the season and dress your baby in layers for easy adjustment.


4. Provide Distractions

Babies are naturally curious. Keep them engaged with a colourful toy, a mobile, or a cheerful distraction while you're dressing them. Singing a soothing song or talking to them gently can also help divert their attention.


5. Keep the Room Warm

Ensure the room where you're dressing your baby is comfortably warm. Cold air can make them feel uncomfortable and more resistant to clothing changes.


6. Be Gentle and Calm

Handle your baby with care and speak to them in soothing tones. Babies can pick up on your stress, so staying calm is essential. Keep your movements slow and deliberate.


7. Make It a Game

Turn the dressing process into a game. Play peek-a-boo with the clothing items or make funny sounds to keep your baby entertained.


8. Offer Choices

As your baby gets older and more independent, offer them choices within reasonable limits. For example, "Do you want to wear the blue romper or the yellow one today?" This can give them a sense of control.


9. Be Patient

Some days will be more challenging than others. If your baby is exceptionally fussy, take a break and try again later. Rushing the process can make both you and your baby more stressed.


10. Celebrate Small Wins

Finally, remember to celebrate the small victories. Each time you successfully dress your fussy baby with minimal fuss, it's a win. Positive reinforcement, like a smile or a cuddle, can go a long way in making your baby feel secure and loved.

11. Try L&L's tried and tested outfit ideas for quick and easy dressing

- Dungarees: Super easy to put on with only two poppers on the shoulders dungarees work well paired with a short or long sleeved bodysuit underneath.

- Zipless Rompers:  Easy on and easy off these slip on rompers are an absolute must for fussy dressers. Simply pop both feet through the neckline and pull up like leggings. Once the romper is at waist level pop both hands in through the armholes and pull up over the shoulders. To take the romper off simply reverse the process. Many people are intimidated by this style at first but once you get to grips with the technique you'll likely never need a popper again!

- Leggings:  Baby and toddler leggings are an easy outfit choice. Made from super stretchy jersey it is easy to navigate tiny toes and wriggly legs without much fuss. What's more, you can be sure L&L leggings will stand the test of time because even the seams are produced with stretch thread making them the scratchiest leggings ever.


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