Caring for Little Ones’ Skin During Colder Weather

February 02 2023 – Charlotte Stokes

MooGoo 2-in-1 bath wash
MooGoo 2-in-1 bath wash

Caring for Your Little Ones’ Skin During Colder Weather

Wondering how to protect your baby’s skin during the cold winter months?

Look no further, we have spoken to MooGoo, the baby skincare experts to provide you with their top tips to keep your little one’s skin protected and nourished during the colder seasons.

Why is it important to protect babies' skin during the colder months?

The icy winter air is prone to causing dryness on exposed skin for people of all ages, meaning for us adults it is often time to switch up the skincare routine, and the same should be done for your little one. With babies having a much thinner layer of skin and more chance of losing moisture compared to adults, the cold can be extremely harsh, destined to interfere with their skin barrier if not
protected properly. This is why for babies and toddlers who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema, you will often notice a flare up when the weather outside drops and the heating is being flicked on inside.

The impact of moisturiser...

Moisturiser is essential all year round, but especially in the colder months. By using a moisturiser you can create a barrier for your baby's skin, enabling the moisture to be retained, and dryness minimised. We suggest using a moisturiser that contains natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin - we love MooGoo’s Baby Soothing Moisturiser or Scalp Cream, both packed with natural oils
and healing ingredients, aloe vera and honey.
MooGoo soothing moisturiser
MooGoo also labels moisturisers containing harsh ingredients such as fragrances and paraffin oil a no-go, since synthetic additives are going to dry out and likely damage the baby’s skin. It is vital that during the winter, baby’s skin has ultimate protection and hydration, so opt for moisturisers that contain both barrier protecting and healing ingredients such as Allantoin to retain moisture and prevent reaction.

Limiting bathtime...

It is best to limit bathing times during winter months where hot water can reduce hydration in the skin. We suggest bathing your baby in lukewarm baths and for the must-have bath bubbles, use products that contain replenishing ingredients. We love MooGoo’s 2-in1 Bubbly Wash containing rice bran which conditions, replenishes and soothes skin, and can be used directly on the skin as a
wash, or as a shampoo.
MooGoo 2-in-1 bubbly wash
Post-bath, it’s so important to immediately rehydrate the skin with moisturiser in order to replenish and protect the skin barrier from being too exposed as the contrast between bathing in a warm bath to then being in unprotected natural air can often cause skin to dry up the most, especially during the winter when temperatures are at their lowest. Make sure that your babies’ skin is properly dry
before starting to moisturise. Damp skin can mean that moisture can get stuck in all those (adorable) little folds made up of thin, irritable skin that are prone to rashes, particularly during the autumn and winter months.
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