Voted Ethical Baby & Children's Brand of the Year for the third year!

January 10 2023 – Charlotte Stokes

Monochrome summer baby clothes by Lottie & Lysh. Voted ethical baby & childrens brand 2023
Monochrome summer baby clothes by Lottie & Lysh. Voted ethical baby & childrens brand 2023

Proud to be voted Ethical Baby & Children's Brand of the Year 2024

WOW! What can we say... With ethical production and sustainability at the heart of everything we do here at Lottie & Lysh, we are beyond thrilled to be awarded the SME award of Ethical Baby & Children's Brand of the Year 2023 - a hattrick following on from our successes of 2022 and 2021. It is insane to think that our little brand is trickling through as a household name and my mind is constantly blown when I see L&L out in the wild or get tagged by a celebrity or massive influencer on Instagram. My phone is just PING, PING, PING; to open it up and find a tag by Stacey Solomon or Malin Andersson is extraordinary!! Those tags are worth their weight in gold to small businesses; their impact is incredible, and it's even more satisfying to see big, celebrity names pushing ethical baby clothing and supporting small businesses over fast fashion brands.


New baby coming home outfit by Lottie & lysh


It is no secret that it is a tough gig for all businesses right now, but small businesses in particular are feeling the strain. Price increases across the board in rent, supplies, postage, utilities etc are adding to a rocky landscape that is difficult to navigate but you can be certain that throughout it all we will continue to bring you your favourite, ethically produced, sustainable children's clothing that is produced in-house, right here in the UK at an affordable price. We will continue to provide quality articles that have allowed the pre-loved L&L communities ON Facebook, eBay & Vinted to thrive and are central to our mission; reducing waste and ensuring ethical fashion is discoverable and accessible. 


Lottie & Lysh Rainbow Print babygro and matching hat



Our Ethical Achievements so far:

<3 At Lottie & Lysh, we are dedicated to making sure that no fabric goes to waste. All fabric used in our products is either used up entirely or donated to other businesses and schools. We believe that this practice is essential to creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing brand.


<3 We are proud to offer in-house production right here in the UK.


<3 The L&L pre-loved community group on Facebook was created to bring together like-minded parents who are looking for sustainable and ethical clothing for their little ones. Come join us and let's make a positive difference together!


<3 When shopping for baby clothing, you want to invest in items that are safe and comfortable for your little one. Oeko Tex certification is a great way to ensure that the materials used to make your baby's clothing are free from harmful chemicals. All Lottie & Lysh fabrics carry this certification, so you can shop with peace of mind knowing that your baby's clothing is made from materials that have been certified safe.


<3 Items specifically designed to fit beyond the traditional sizing labels with features such as turn-down cuffs, drop crotches and reversible items.


<3 Many of the fabric printing processes used by fast fashion brands are outdated and can be harmful to both the environment and the people who work with them. Fortunately, there are now several companies offering environmentally friendly fabric printing in Europe. We work closely with a family-run print house that produces our fabric for us and are proud to support yet another small business within our production process. Not only will garments made using these eco-friendly fabrics be kinder to the environment, but they will also look great and last longer than conventional items.


<3 The UK has plenty of talented independent fabric designers who create gorgeous seamless patterns. We are proud to work with several independent designers on our fabric designs, meaning you are helping more than a small business when you shop with us.


<3 We are proud to offer an innovative and responsible approach to sourcing, advertising, marketing, and product development. All processes are completed in-house.


<3 Recyclable packaging


<3 Our range of ethically-made baby clothing is designed to be passed on from generation to generation, so you can be sure that you’re investing in something that will stand the test of time.


<3 We are committed to making ethical and sustainable fashion accessible to all through our loyalty and referral schemes. With these programmes, you can earn discounts and other incentives for buying your babies sustainable fashion with us, or by sharing our mission with friends.




Are you looking to make a positive change for future generations? Join the fight against fast fashion and be the change you want to see. By investing in ethical baby clothing, you can help reduce the environmental impact of baby fashion and improve the lives of those in the industry. With so many options for ethical baby clothes available at Lottie & Lysh, you can find something that works for you and your little one. Do your part and make a difference today.

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