Packing Your Essential Hospital Bag for the New Arrival

August 16 2023 – Lottie & Lysh

Lottie & Lysh Welcome to the world baby swaddle
Lottie & Lysh Welcome to the world baby swaddle

Packing Your Essential Hospital Bag for the New Arrival

The excitement of welcoming a new addition to your family is a moment to treasure, and amidst the anticipation, ensuring you have a well-packed hospital bag is a crucial task. It's your go-to kit, ensuring that you and your little one have everything you need during your hospital stay. In this guide, we'll help you create a comprehensive hospital bag checklist, so you can focus on the joy of becoming a parent.

1. Essentials for Mum

Comfortable Clothing: Pack loose-fitting and breathable outfits, including nursing-friendly tops, pyjamas, and a cosy dressing gown for added comfort.

Toiletries: Remember your toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, and skincare items for a refreshing touch.

Documentation: Have your notes, insurance details, and any necessary paperwork ready for a smooth admission process.

-Entertainment: Keep a book or tablet on hand for moments of downtime, and make sure you bring chargers for your devices.

Emergency Chocolate Stash: Because let's be real, chocolate solves everything.

2. Newborn Necessities

Clothing: Pack several baby outfits suitable for the weather, along with tiny socks and mittens to keep your little one warm.

Blankets and Swaddles: Bring soft, lightweight blankets and swaddles to cocoon your baby in comfort.

Nappies and Wipes: Ensure you have an ample supply of newborn nappies and gentle wipes for your baby's needs.

Feeding Essentials: For nursing mums, include nursing bras and nursing pillows. For those opting for formula, pack pre-measured formula and sterilised bottles. It's worth packing some breast pads in case you need to stay in for a few days. When that milk comes in there is no holding it back!

Car Seat: Don't forget to have a properly installed car seat ready for your baby's journey home.

3. Additional Items for Both:

Nourishment: Pack wholesome snacks and drinks to maintain your energy levels throughout the labour and recovery.

Phone Charger: Stay connected and capture precious moments with your phone and charger.

Comfort Items: Bring along items that offer a sense of comfort, such as your favourite pillow, soothing music, or even a scented candle.

4. Personalised Touches from Lottie & Lysh:

Bespoke Baby Attire: Consider including a unique and charming Lottie & Lysh baby outfit for your little one's debut. Browse our range of Newborn Coming Home Outfits here.

Cosy Blanket: Enhance your baby's comfort with a Lottie & Lysh blanket for those first snug moments. Remember, you can have an L&L blanket made in any of our printed fabrics paired with a coordinating fleece or jersey backing.

Matching Accessories: Complete your baby's ensemble with Lottie & Lysh headbands, bibs, or knotted hats for an adorable coordinated look.

Packing your hospital bag is a significant step towards ensuring a smooth and relaxed experience during the arrival of your baby. By following this detailed guide, you'll have all the essentials to welcome your little one with ease and tranquillity. With the added charm of Lottie & Lysh's personalised baby items, you'll make those initial moments even more memorable. Embrace this wonderful chapter and cherish the memories you'll create as a new family.

Explore our range of exquisite baby essentials at Lottie & Lysh and add a touch of elegance to your baby's first moments.

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Prepare for the journey ahead, and set the stage for a warm and loving welcome for your new baby with Lottie & Lysh. Order now and ensure a comfortable and delightful hospital stay. And remember, the emergency chocolate stash is for real emergencies – like baby's first nappy change!

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