The Impact of Fast Fashion on the Environment

November 29 2023 – Charlotte Stokes

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Production
Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Production

How You Can Make a Difference

Let's face it, we've all been guilty of a fast fashion fling. You know, that trendy top that looked oh-so-cute on the mannequin but lost its charm after two washes? But here's the not-so-funny part: fast fashion is having a detrimental impact on our planet. But don't worry, we at Lottie & Lysh, your favourite ethical baby and children's clothing brand, are here to guide you through making a positive change. After all, we've been voted Ethical Baby and Children's Brand of the Year three times for a reason!

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is like the fast food of the fashion world: cheap, addictive, and not so great for your health (or in this case, the planet's health). It's a model of mass-producing inexpensive clothing rapidly in response to the latest trends. The catch? This comes at a high environmental cost.

The Environmental Impact

  1. Water Wastage: Producing that £5 t-shirt you found in the sale bin isn't just a steal for your wallet – it's literally stealing from our water resources. The fashion industry is incredibly thirsty, consuming massive amounts of water.

  2. Pollution: The next time you're admiring a river, remember this fun fact: the fashion industry is a major water polluter, thanks to the dyes and chemicals used in manufacturing. Fish might not care for the latest Pantone colour trends!
  3. Carbon Footprint: Fast fashion is like that one guest at a party who just doesn't know when to leave – it has a huge carbon footprint. The industry contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions.

  4. Waste: Ever heard of a fashion landfill? Sadly, they're real, and they're growing, filled with last season's 'must-haves'.


Lottie & Lysh: A Beacon of Hope

Enter Lottie & Lysh. We're like the superhero team of the children's clothing world, swooping in to save the day with our sustainable and ethical practices. Made in-house in our UK-based clothing studio, we ensure that every piece is crafted with love and responsibility.

How You Can Make a Difference

  1. Quality over Quantity: Think of clothing like friends; it's better to have a few good ones than a bunch of acquaintances. Invest in fewer, high-quality pieces that last longer.

  2. Support Sustainable Brands: We're not just tooting our own horn here (okay, maybe a little). By choosing brands like Lottie & Lysh, you're voting for a greener world with your wallet.

  3. Re-Wear, Re-Use, Recycle: Before you toss out that slightly worn jumper, think of the three Rs. Can it be fixed? Passed on? Recycled? Your trash could be another person's treasure. Join Lottie & Lysh Members Group on Facebook to access a treasure trove of preloved L&L

  4. Get Informed: Stay woke! (Do people still say 'woke'?) Understanding the impact of fast fashion is the first step to making better choices.

  5. Spread the Word: Be that friend who talks about sustainable fashion at parties. Who knows, you might just start a trend!


Our Favourite Sustainable Brands UK

- BEEN London 

BEEN London, hailing from the heart of London, specializes in crafting elegant accessories from repurposed materials. Each product in their collection has a unique past, being made from previously used elements like rejuvenated leather remnants and repurposed plastic bottles. 


- Fanfare

Fanfare, a forward-thinking sustainable brand from the UK, focuses on designing contemporary women's and unisex apparel with a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry. As a prominent circular fashion label, it reimagines vintage items into distinct creations using recycled materials. The brand champions the slow fashion movement through its repair services, take-back program, and lifetime warranty.


- Pop My Way

Pop My Way, a GOTS certified label from the UK, offers a unique collection of baby essentials designed for easy mixing and matching. Their innovative "pop" feature allows you to effortlessly attach different elements onto the garments. This brand's modular approach simplifies dressing your little one, providing flexible options to interchange for convenience or special occasions.


- Babipur

Babipur stands as a welcoming independent retailer specialising in a wide range of Fairtrade, organic, and ethically sourced family products aimed at reducing waste and promoting responsible sourcing. The store was founded with a vision to offer a consolidated space where customers can trust that every item is made with ethical standards, without exploitation, and with minimal environmental impact.



- Bambinomio

For more than a quarter-century, Bambino Mio has been dedicated to creating nappies that benefit babies, parents, and the environment. Today, they spearhead the Reusable Revolution, aiming to eliminate single-use nappies globally.

The mission: To protect the future for the littlest ones among us by combating the current throwaway culture. We're committed to ensuring a cleaner and safer tomorrow for children to thrive in, by addressing today's waste challenges.



Launched in Autumn 2019, Envirotoy emerged as a pioneering plastic-free toy shop, born from a desire to offer environmentally conscious play options. Committed to safeguarding the planet for future generations, Envirotoy not only offers a range of delightful, sustainable toys but also dedicates a portion of its proceeds to ocean conservation.



Fast fashion's impact on the environment is no joke, but making a difference doesn't have to be a sombre affair. By choosing brands like Lottie & Lysh for your baby clothes needs, you're not only dressing your kids in the cutest, award-winning outfits but also contributing to a sustainable future.

Together, we can turn the tide against fast fashion. Let's make ethical choices the new 'in thing'. After all, there's nothing more fashionable than a healthy planet!


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